The Great Sand Dunes National Park

To start off the 2023 RV season, I caravanned with some friends to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. As popular as the park is, they were able to snag a couple of sites. Then finding out there were no hookups at the campground, I got to work getting the RV ready for dry camping. The battery and LP detector needed replacing. And the generator needed a new spark plug. Finally the day arrived to head out to the park.

The weather held out for us after having rained consistently for days. We explored the park and then spent some time near the “river”. Since this was my first time at the park, I explored the dunes for a couple of hours. But when I tried to climb the last hill to the top, I realized the sandals I had on were not appropriate. The temperature of the sand was too hot! Later I learned that you should wear closed toe shoes for that exact reason. Makes sense! I really enjoyed visiting the Sand Dunes. It felt like I was exploring another world.

My friend got a great shot of me coming back from the river. Of course, I had to add it to the gallery!

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