Streets of New York


Visiting New York this past May was everything I hoped it could be. I had just picked up photography, so I brought my newly purchased Sony a6000 with the kit lens and snapped away at everything I saw. Also, this would be the first trip my sister and I would take together and lucky for me, she was the perfect model being naturally photogenic.

Making a Buck

The resident Disney scam artists promptly initiated us into the Times Square experience. Woody grabbed my sister’s arm and pulled her into a photograph pose. Suddenly, they were joined by an Elmo and a couple of Minnie Mouses and the picture was snapped. Being a newbie to this kind of situation, I walked away after taking the shot only to be called back by my sister who was held hostage by the characters who were demanding they be paid for their “service”. I felt indignation rise up in me as I realized I was scammed, pulled out a $20 bill from my wallet and grabbed my sister by the arm to escape. What an unpleasant taste that left in my mouth. It wasn’t until a few months later while I was reading up on New York that I learned this was a typical scene in Times Square. Oh well, I’ve always been one who learns best by personal experience.

What a difference that experience was to the acrobatic street performers. These folks were athletes and could almost qualify as professionals! That was evident by the size of the crowds they drew in and by the reactions of the audience to their performance. New York, a city where anyone with talent – or lack of – can make a buck.



Central Park in Spring

Central Park was surprising. My sister couldn’t stop exclaiming how green it was. Everywhere we looked, the newly budded trees blended into each other and blotted out the urban city that surrounded it. The only reminder that we were in New York was the sheer number of people who were out and about. What a haven of relief and sanity the park must be for those living in the Big Apple!



Streets of New York

By far, the best part of the trip was just witnessing so many people on the streets going about their daily lives. What a great place for amateur photographers to store up source material! My favorite capture was of two policemen crossing the street. They appeared so comical, almost theatrical. The only indication they were actually men in uniform were their badges and paraphernalia. Otherwise, I would have thought they were actors in costume. Well, who knows? It is New York after all!



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