RV Newbies

After taking our RV out on our first trip back in November 2021, we planned a longer trip for February. Not the most popular time for camping but with the weather holding steady we planned to go to California. In a way, this would be our first real adventure.

It didn’t matter that we had no experience with an RV. We decided to just roll with it and deal with issues as they happened. And boy, did they happen. A lot! With the operating manual in hand we spent our first night boondocking in Clifton, Colorado. If you’re not familiar with boondocking, that’s when you take your vehicle out to a host site that usually doesn’t have electricity, water or sewer. Since our RV had a generator, we were confident we’d be okay. Except that the generator shut off after running an hour and a half. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong and ended up sleeping in pretty cold temperatures. Low 20’s to be exact! Then in the morning, we high tailed out of there to Sand Hollow State Park in Utah which offered full hookup. We were so excited!

The drive on I-70 was manageable. The weather app said it might freeze in some areas. Highway patrol were stationed at the hot spots ready to close the road if it started raining or snowing. We passed through without a hitch. Then the winds kicked in on Highway 15 and it took a lot to keep control of the steering wheel. By the end of that leg of the trip, my shoulders ached pretty badly. But, we got through it! After about six hours on the road we arrived at the State Park. So worth the drive!

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