Rifle Falls State Park

It’s June in Colorado! Finishing off a good winter season with lots of snow followed by weeks of rain, the waterfalls are operating at full capacity!

A friend and I headed out to Rifle Falls State Park. Just a little northeast of Grand Junction in Colorado, this state park is an absolute delight! There wasn’t much of a hike before reaching the triple falls. Once there, you couldn’t stand too close to the foot of the falls as there was so much water coming down it sprayed everything in it’s perimeter. That didn’t stop me from trying to get a shot up close. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to bring anything to cover my camera. The camera and I got wet. So far, the camera seems to be working all right. However, some of my pictures ended up having water marks on them!

The park not only has waterfalls, but it also boasts many caves, lakes and streams. It was so much fun hiking around the falls and discovering all of it’s hidden secrets. If the park was just a little closer to Denver, I’d probably be there every weekend!

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