Nurses & Healthcare Workers United against vaccine mandates – Loveland, CO

August 13, 2021

Always looking for photo-opportunities, I was excited to hear about an event planned in Loveland for Friday afternoon. There was a pretty large crowd. Many were healthcare workers. Others were friends of those who work in healthcare. Everyone came out with the same intent – to fight for the freedom to choose and to help others know that they are not alone. I hope these pictures help to show their message.

For more information about the group that organized this event, visit “Nurses & Healthcare Workers United” on Facebook and Telegram. To learn about what to do in your local area, check out Walkout Wednesdays.

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One Thought to “Nurses & Healthcare Workers United against vaccine mandates – Loveland, CO”

  1. James Wilkins

    Beautiful pictures!
    I spoke to you today at the Boulder anti-mandate rally.
    If you ever consider changing your website host I would suggest one that would allow you to scroll through your pictures rather than having to go back a screen to see the next picture.
    Perhaps WordPress has that feature that can be enabled.
    My wife, an artist, uses WIX to host her site where she can scroll through pictures of her paintings rapidly.
    Unfortunately it is not finished and she won’t let me share.

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