March to Stop Vaccine Passports in Colorado

December 4, 2021

Protestors met on Saturday in Boulder, Colorado and marched through Pearl Street. Men, women and children came out with signs and chants protesting vaccine passports. Talking with several protestors, I could sense their urgency to get the message out. That vaccine passports are not a good idea. That there should always be freedom to choose concerning medical interventions.

The shopping plaza was full with Boulderites enjoying the beautiful weather. Many noticed the protestors marching along the strip. Some of the shop employees came up to their windows to see what was going on. At one corner of the strip, I saw a group of young ladies taunt and ridicule the protestors. Then a young man from the march approached one of them to engage in conversation. They started off by shouting. It eventually died down and I could see them actually having a civil discussion. Good for them!

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