Independence Pass, Colorado

Ray and I finished up our trip in Carbondale and headed towards Glenwood Springs to begin our trip home. Would you believe it? Right at that moment, they closed east-bound I-70. Needless to say, we were confused. What were we supposed to do? Eventually, Google map told us to take a detour and head north to Steamboat Springs. We decided to go south instead. When else would we have an opportunity to drive through Independence Pass?

I had never driven this route before. And signs kept popping up saying there was a 35 feet limit on all vehicles, including towed vehicles. I couldn’t stop thinking that we were probably way past the length limit with our RV already being 25 feet. Who knew how long the Mini Cooper was? Stressing out about what we were going to do, Ray mentioned we should just unhitch and drive separately. Sure, it sounds so obvious now. But at that moment, I thought my husband was a genius! Plus, I got to enjoy driving the Mini through the hairpin turns!

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