Highlight of 2022 RV Adventures – Ouray, CO

The highlight of our 2022 RV Adventures took place during the peak of fall season. We were invited by some friends to boondock with them at the Ampitheater campground in Ouray, Colorado. First of all, this would be our first time camping with friends. So many memories made and friendships blessed! Also during this trip, we discovered more things that we didn’t know. Things like, why does the coach battery keep dying? And how exactly do we start the portable generator we brought with us? We also had issues with the DEF warning light not functioning properly. We had to calculate how many engine starts we would use up before we headed back home.

It rained all day as we headed into camp and into the next morning. The first thing we noticed while driving into camp was how brilliant the colors were! Amazing what clouds, rain and thick fog can do to saturate colors. After that, there was sunshine until we left. Other highlights of our stay were the drive through the Million Dollar Highway and a stop at an obscure local Ghost Town. I’ll highlight those in another post!

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