Golden Years: What makes a great life?


People talk about their Golden Years as being the best years of their life. What’s interesting to me is that everyone seems to have a different idea about when those years are.

My husband read an autobiography of a Korean man who had reached his 100 year old milestone. The author stated that in reflecting back on his life, his golden years were from 60 to 75 years old. He pointed out that it was during that period of time when he could use his life experiences to help others. 



Others believe that it starts in your 30’s. My husband agrees with this and feels it’s because life was busy at that time while working a job and taking care of a family. He knew the direction of his life and he was actively pursuing goals and responsibilities. Now in his 60’s, he feels that it’s time to wrap it up.



I feel that my golden years just started! I’m 52. The children are old enough to take care of themselves. I have renewed energy and a new hobby to pursue. There is still so much to explore in life and no familial responsibilities to hold me back.



I’m curious if others have different ideas of their golden years. 



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