First RV Trip

July 26, 2022

Ray and I dreamed that one day we would own a little RV with a little car to tow behind it. And that we’d go explore America. Then in 2021, we heard that someone we knew was selling the exact duo we were looking for! And that is how we ended up buying our 2015 Winnebago View with a Mini Cooper to tow along! But it didn’t take long for us to think, ‘well that’s dumb’. We have to wait a whole two seasons before we can take it out. And then it didn’t take that much longer to think, to heck with it! So in the middle of December, we made reservations at Cherry Creek State Park and dipped our toe into the RV life.

We only stayed a couple of nights. Good thing! There was so much we didn’t yet know! Like, it’s winter and should we use the electric heater or furnace? How to use the stoves? Hook up water and sewer to use the bathroom? Nope! Lucky for us, the park had nice bathrooms. I know! We were that green and so afraid of doing something wrong. I’m just proud that we actually took the RV out and got the slides to work! And now, the memory of our first RV adventure is priceless – whether we used everything or not!

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