My First Rockies Baseball Game Experience


Some friends visiting from Milwaukee invited my husband and me to our first Colorado Rockies game. Being avid baseball fans, their goal was to go to every states’ baseball game, if possible.  I’d never been to one before and was pretty excited to try the experience. 

We went early and hung out at the dugout waiting for stray balls to come our way. Fans were eager to catch that long ball and to call out to the players for some freebies. It was fun to see the joy on the faces of young and old who were able to capture a prize. 

We got to experience the delayed game due to a weather warning and even got rained on. I thought ahead to bring an umbrella and had fun sitting with others who brought theirs or had brought a raincoat.

I took a walk around the entire second level and ran into everything from vendors selling eats, Star Wars characters (theme for the night) and baseball fans making their way to center stage.

To finish off the experience, we got to see Nolan Arenado of the Colorado Rockies pull a home run at the 3rd inning. All in all, it was a great first ball game experience. 


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