Thank you so much for visiting my website.

My name is Gayle Yeo and I am passionate about photography. Like most people, I’ve taken many pictures throughout the years of family and friends. Then, in 2017, I bought a Sony a6000 and thought I’d try branching out. Since then, I’ve moved onto shooting with the Sony a7iii. This felt like a natural progression for me as I’m now seeking to do professional photography.

If you’re new to my website, you might think I’m a landscape photographer as there are numerous posts of places I’ve visited. I’ve actually tried everything from landscape photography to street and event photography. And as I’ve experimented, I’ve discovered that I have a passion for photographing people.  

I believe each person is a unique individual and I’d love to be able to capture their essence through my photography. I’ve noticed children are easier to photograph as they have more expressions and passions. Adults are usually guarded and careful. That has become a direct challenge for me and I find that I seek out these subjects more.



Next to street photography, I love anything that is beautiful. Architecture, art and landscape. I see so much beauty all around me whether it’s through God’s creation or man’s innovation. It’s a joy to seek them out and to attempt to do them justice through my photos.

My deepest desire is that through my work, you may enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the world we live in. Especially now in these difficult and strange times. Maybe, you’ll even find yourself considering perspectives you had never thought of? That would be pretty amazing!