Well, hi there! My name is Gayle Yeo and I am passionate about photography. There’s no other experience in life that gives me the same thrill as when I pick up a camera and try to make sense of the world around me. 

I started photography professionally in 2017. Since that time, I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that I’m really doing. I mean, I love shooting beautiful landscapes, amazing architecture and people from all walks of life. So what’s my niche?

Looking over everything I’ve produced so far, I realize that I am a story-teller. Each of my posts were created keeping a theme and narrative in mind. I like that. I must be a Photo – Journalist! Sure, I’ll go with that. I hope you enjoy the photo-journals of one woman’s life. And I’d love for you to reach out to me at yeogayle57@proton.me if anything you’ve seen has inspired you.